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 My Plans for the Future of BWB

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My Plans for the Future of BWB Empty
PostSubject: My Plans for the Future of BWB   My Plans for the Future of BWB EmptyThu Sep 10, 2009 9:51 am

Entrance Video/ Titantron Plans (In progress) - Link to Entrance Video/ Titantron Plans

Talk Show- I don't have time to be on as much as I was, so I wont be feuding with anyone. I will continue to work behind the scenes with commentary and ideas. Since I'm not feuding...I'm going to have a TALK SHOW! Every episode of BWB (not frontier) will be my show. Not only my show...BUT BILLY WILL BE THERE TOO!!! We will just basically interview people who are currently in feuds, or new comers or others that need a spotlight on them. You can throw us in an RP, and since I'm a vGM, I'll edit it, so my lines and gimmicks are correct.

Tournament- With next season coming, I feel all titles should be defended at the next PPV, and they will all be Sommer's side vs Other Side matches. There will be contender tournaments within each side until there is one contender(unless the match involves more than one challenger). At the end of the PPV, Which ever side has the most titles, wins and I guess takes over BWB. Sommer is still GM ofcourse, but if his side loses, I'm sure the next season will be interesting.

Thats all I have for now. I was also thinking of making custom matches, so if you want me too, just tell me Sommer. I've done it before. And I'll make sure whoever won the original match will win the custom match. (by custom I mean generic matches that I sit and type, or copy and paste bits and edit)
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My Plans for the Future of BWB
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