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 Enough is Enough (whatever show i'm in first)

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Enough is Enough (whatever show i'm in first) Empty
PostSubject: Enough is Enough (whatever show i'm in first)   Enough is Enough (whatever show i'm in first) EmptyMon Sep 07, 2009 7:00 am

The Arena is buzzing with excitement as the fans are impatiently awaiting the next match.

Felix: Hello everyone, welcome back to the show, now let’s get back to the action.

Darren: Yes indeed, we’ve still got some pure face crushing action still to come.

Suddenly the sound system blares to life and the titantron lights into action, Nil by mouth by blindspott begins to play.

Felix: Well it seems we have an unscheduled appearance of one of the many new guys who debuted here last season, Scar.

Scar makes his way to the ring, wearing his black and red jacket and trademark cross hanging around his neck, accompanied by a very large man in a black suit and sunglasses.

Darren: Strange, what could he possibly have to say that he felt he needed to come down to the ring? And with a Body guard.

As he walks down the ramp, Scar slaps the hands of the fans that have outstretched theirs. Waving at others.

Darren: God he’s just a people pleasure isn’t he?

Felix: That’s for sure.

Felix waves out to Scar.

Darren slaps himself in the face “Idiot”

Scar walks up to one of the staff and grabs a microphone then slides into the ring, he then makes his way to the turnbuckle and climbs up. The large suited man stands at the bottom of the ramp, just in front of the ring.

Scar: Thankyou for the warm welcome.

The fans cheer.

Scar: I have come here tonight for one reason.

Darren: Nothing better to do?

Felix: Shut up Darren.

Scar: Last season there was a large influx of new wrestlers to B.W.B, myself included. But there is one that is a ruthless individual, a little stain on the fine sport that is wrestling.

Darren: Wha..?

Scar: This guy comes here and thinks he can try and beat down on others thinking that he’s the greatest there is, I was the first to become victim to one of his cheap shot antics. And then Andrew Hawk was next to fall to the same coward ness. I am of course referring to Young Gun.

The crowd boos at the sound of Young Guns name.

Scar: Come now do not boo him.

Felix: Boo…oh.

Scar: He is just a boy, confused about the changes happening in weird places of his body, unsure of who he is, that’s why he cheap shots others. He’s just a kid.

Darren: Hehe.. weird places..

Scar: And now he’s joined this little “gang” of his it clearly shows that he is one that can’t look after himself. Poor… Poor little Young Gun.

The crowd burst into cheers.

Darren: This guy better watch himself.

Scar: And now it’s a new season. So Young Gun, keep doing what you’re doing because sooner or later it will all come crashing down on you, and then when your all alone, I’ll be there.

Scar then jumps from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, hands the mic to the a staff member and walks back up then entrance ramp giving high fives to the fans as he leaves the arena floor with the large man walking beside him.

Felix: And there you have it, the battle may have been set.

Darren: What a fool. Surely he realises that Young Gun is a member of the Demonic Knights, they’re not the sorts of people you want to be on the bad side off.

Felix: Well I for one think someone needs to stop Young Gun before he gets out of hand.

Darren: Luckily no one cares what you think Felix. And with that let’s get back to the actual wrestling shall we.
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Enough is Enough (whatever show i'm in first)
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