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 Facing hell

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Chayne Saw

Chayne Saw

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PostSubject: Facing hell   Facing hell EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 10:26 pm

We can see Chayne Saw in the backstage area. Hes is running around screaming for some Staff. He seems to be in very bad mood..

Staff: Sir may I help...

He grabs the Staff on his shirt and pulls him close before his face yelling...

Chayne Saw: Where is this damn boilerroom?

The Staff just raises a finger and points onto an door nearby...Chayne realeses the Staff which falls to the floor and walks towards the door...It´s locked and he bumps against it...

Chayne Saw: Stiiiiitch....Come out...Come on...Come out you rotten piece of meat...STIIIIIIIIIIITCH....YOU DAMN..

Before he can finish the sentence something hits him from the back. It´s Stitch armed with an sledgehammer. Chayne gets up very quick and punches his opponent hard in the face as he drops the sledgehamer. Both man exchange fist and kicks...There comes the BWB security...6 man try to get the both opponents seprated at the walls, but Chayne can get out of the securitys hold and aims for Stitch again...

Chayne Saw: Release me, man! Let me kick his face!!! Come on... RELEASE ME!!

You can see that both opponents have little cuts and are bleeding as more and more securitys are coming to help out...Then you can see [/color] Sommerlund coming from behind and graps Chayne to pull him backward[/i]...

Chayne Saw: I´m coming to get got your match you damn..

Sommerlund: Come on...we will get him....But not yet...Come on Chayne...

Stitch shows an evil smile and is standing with his back to a wall...he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand licks the blood that is on it

Stitch: I wait for you big boy...I wait for you

...The camera fades out...
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Facing hell
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