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 After Fight Revelation 9/5

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After Fight Revelation 9/5 Empty
PostSubject: After Fight Revelation 9/5   After Fight Revelation 9/5 EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 9:49 pm

This can be added right after the fight is over

Cykill leans over the rope and asks for a microphone. One of the announcers hand Cykill the mic. Cykill takes a few seconds to contemplate what he's going to say before he speaks.
Cykill: "I know most of you are wondering what happened here tonight and to be honest, I'm still a little bit disturbed by this information myself."
In between Cheers and Boos, Cykill takes a moment to look at madden and his army on the ramp and then begins by saying.
Cykill: "For the longest time, I've been hunting madden for the Hell's Angels. All because of some bull that transpired between some of the gang and madden. Tonight I got the shock of my life and I bet madden has too. It seems I ran into my father in the back tonight and he told me something that still makes my blood run cold."
Cykill takes a deep breath before revealing what he has to say.
Cykill: "Tonight I found out that I have a brother that I didn't know I had. On numerous occasions I've fought madden to near death and for all I knew, it was just that, a Death Match. I let my pride take over and I beat him down whenever I could. Now I find out that I've been beating my own brother to near death. Well, tonight, I have a meeting with madden and my dad. I'm not looking for absolution, just some understanding about why this all happened.
Cykill takes a moment to reflect and then looks up on the rampway at madden.
Cykill: "Madden!!! Bro. We have to sit down and talk. Can you let the past go and sit down with us and work this out?"
Cykill and the crowd all turn towards madden and his army and wait. After a minute or so, madden nods his head that he'll talk. Little Tony waves Cykill on up to the rampway. Cykill drops the microphone and gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp tentatively, waiting for an assault. Little Tony gets off his bike and meets Cykill with a huge hug. Little Tony and Cykill get on Tony's bike and they all roll off the ramp and out of the arena together, as the audience roars with cheers of approval.
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After Fight Revelation 9/5
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