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 Another beginning

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Doryan Gray

Doryan Gray

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PostSubject: Another beginning   Another beginning EmptyMon Aug 31, 2009 8:33 pm

While the music is blasting from the speakers, the red carpet is rolled in front of a tall, stocky, well dressed figure making his way to down the ramp. He fixes his hair and points to a fan with a Chayne Saw t-shirt, with his walking cane, he gets into a little argument with the fan, and finally steps in the ring. He asks for a mic and starts to speak in a posh accent.

Doryan Gray: Well, well, well... What a turnout, for my BWB debut, and a pay-per-view, no less. You are the lucky ones, you get to see the rebirth of greatness. For even I, a blue-blood, have sunk to the rock bottom of society - this company and it's smelly locker rooms. (He is interrupted by a sudden burst of boos from the crowd) Oh, boo all you want you are well aware it's true, the staff is unprofessional and uneducated, the sanitation level of the facilities is appalling, and the roster, as well as the fans - a heap of redneck bumpkins...

Gray gets another round of boos and jeers for his trouble, and as he circles the ring raising one eyebrow to the disapproving crowd, he gets ready to speak again.

Doryan Gray: I intend to make an example of the man I'm to face tonight, the man that calls himself Chayne Saw. (A cheer is heard at the mention of Chayne's name, much to Gray's dismay) I intend to show all of you peasants, here at ring side, all the rednecks that were too drunk to get up off their couches, and all the pawns in the back I'm here on business, and I it is serious business!

Doryan drops the mic outside the ring, sets his cane and jacket aside, and starts unbuttoning his cufflinks.

Darren Johnson: Well you heard the man, he's here to do business and first to do business with him is Chayne saw, and I would say he made his case plain and simple.

Felix Devine: What are talking about, he just came out here to provoke Chayne, and insult the BWB fans, and as far as doing business goe, he'll have to prove himself first. But I have no doubt we are in for treat here! I just wonder if Chyne will reply to these bold statements.
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Another beginning
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