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 Dorm's new target..(Factor Of Libertas)

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Dorm's new target..(Factor Of Libertas) Empty
PostSubject: Dorm's new target..(Factor Of Libertas)   Dorm's new target..(Factor Of Libertas) EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 1:10 am

Dorm-Mi-Nance was on his way to the gym when he saw Factor Of Libertas smoking at the corner of the backstage..
Dorm-Mi-Nance then approaches him and say..

Dorm:Hey you!!Why are you such a lazy bump?Why aren't you fighting all this week huh?

Factor Of Libertas kept smoking as he is trying to ignore Dorm-Mi-Nance..

Dorm:Hey!Better look at me when I'm talking,buddy,or you are going to face the consequences..

Factor Of Libertas still ignore Dorm-Mi-Nance..Dorm-Mi-Nance then pushes Factor Of Libertas's body to the wall as he say..

Dorm:Hey you!!How long have you been alive that you even dare to disrespect me..

Factor Of Libertas then shoves Dorm-Mi-Nance hand and..
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Dorm's new target..(Factor Of Libertas)
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