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 What's Next??

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Torsten Fritz

Torsten Fritz

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What's Next?? Empty
PostSubject: What's Next??   What's Next?? EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 1:14 am

Segment Name: What's next??

Torsten Fritz is being interviewed by Louise, the interviewer.

Louise: Torsten, you made your debut last week and what a debut it was, beating a BWB original, Rey Mysterio Black Mask.
How did it feel stepping out in front of the fans and backing up your comments earlier in that night?

Torsten Fritz: It felt great to give thoses fans a match to remember.
Rey Mysterio Black Mask was a good opponent, but he isn't anywhere near my caliber.

Louise: So fighting a big name star is next on your list?

Torsten Fritz: Not nessessary.
I said last week that I'm here to win matches and pick up titles.
I know I've only been here for 5 minutes and had one match, but I feel I'm ready to hold gold around my waist.

Louise: So inexperience here in BWB is what's holding you back?

Torsten Fritz: Unfortunitly, yes.
Once I pick up a couple more victories, I will be asking GM Sommerlund for a chance at the BWB Television title.

Louise: Ok cool.
Thanks for your time Torsten.

The camera fades out.
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What's Next??
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