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 Dorm-Mi-Nance caught on tape..

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Dorm-Mi-Nance caught on tape.. Empty
PostSubject: Dorm-Mi-Nance caught on tape..   Dorm-Mi-Nance caught on tape.. EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 12:29 am

The camera man were walking around with Allie with his camera on..When they suddenly see Dorm-Mi-Nance..

Hmmm..Who's that?Is that Dorm-Mi-Nance?Eh-eh..Lets hide behind the wall..

Arhh Man!!Again with the lose..I should have won him..Uh-bad luck..Looks like I'm going to suffer more lose in the future.. Man!!what a bad record I have in BWB..I think I'll need a back-up.. I think I lost that match because of that filthy wacko,Dysurh.. Hmmm..Let see..Is there anyone here that hate them?Hmmmm..

Allie turns towards the camera and ask..

Back-up?Who will it be?

When Allie and the cameraman put their attention back to Dorm-Mi-Nance but Dorm-Mi-Nance is no longer there..

Oh man..We've wasted our chance..Hmmm..That means we've just has to wait for Dorm-Mi-Nance choice of partner..

Allie and the cameraman stay stationary as the camera fades...

OOC:I hope this gets into the show..LOL!just a crazy idea that popped up in my mind..
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Dorm-Mi-Nance caught on tape..
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