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 The Contract

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the Superflyer

the Superflyer

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PostSubject: The Contract   The Contract EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 12:11 am

The titontron screen comes on and a video of Sommerlund & a mysterious masked suited are seen talking in the gm's office and Sommerlund motions to the mysterious masked suited man at a document*

Ewok:Whos Sommerlund speaking to?

Gwildor:I don't know Ewok but it seems important Sommerlund pointed at a document on his desk hmm wonder what it could be?

Mysterious masked suited man:I will glady sign this contract Sommerlund I hope there is more contract signing between us in the future

*Sommerlund smiles and the mysterious masked suited man signs the contract*

Ewok:Contract we got ourselves a new wrestler in BWB Gwildor!

Gwildor:Yes I can't wait to see him in action

Mysterious masked suited man:Sommerlund if you dont mind i'd like to go introduce myself to my new fans.

*Sommerlund nods as if saying yes go ahead then the titontron screen turns black and Seether Rise Above This is heard threw out the arena the mysterious masked suited wrestler comes running down to the ring in a red mask,a black tank top,black tights,and black boots he gets into the ring and runs to the corner and does a moonsault landing on his feet then asks for a mic*

Mysterious masked wrestler:Hey BWB fans i'm "Superflyer" Steven Williams and you can call me The Superflyer for my first announcement i'd like to say to Sommerlund put me up against anybody back there and ill show you my true skills!!!

*Crowd chants Superflyer and goes woo*

Ewok:Wow a new guy and fans already love him I hope he can back up what he says!

Gwildor:Ya I wonder who Sommerlund will choose for his opponent??

*The Superflyer waits for Sommerlund to come announce his opponent*
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The Contract
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