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 The Warrior makes an impact

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The Warrior makes an impact Empty
PostSubject: The Warrior makes an impact   The Warrior makes an impact EmptyFri Aug 07, 2009 7:11 am

Suddenly the lights go off and on the titantron is played a video:

Felix: And who's music is that?

Darren: It might be a rookie, You know we're having plenty of 'em every new season.

A caucasian male, dressed in a black suit and wearing a pair of fancy sunglasses gets on the ramp and asks for a mic.

Male: Hello peeps, I've came here tonight to welcome you to a new and improved BWB. And that is because your greatest superstar, The 13th Warrior, was transfered here from rival federation, AtPW. That means that finally, your GM, strted to think big and to get to this fed some valuable people.

The crowd starts booing.

Felix: How full of himself can this guy be?!?

The 13th Warrior: Probably, he forgot to improve, also his fans.

The crowd boo louder.

Darren: Hey, now that's offensive!

The 13th Warrior: Hey, don't get me wrong, it's not in my intentions to offend You, people...

Darren: He could have fooled me.

The 13th Warrior: ...but it is You who started to boo at me without even see me fighting and I assure You that You will be impressed.

Felix: Now that's some self confidence.

The 13th Warrior: So all that I have left to say is....

The crowd waits silently.

The 13th Warrior: ....that I'm waiting for some lazy, so called superstar, back there...

The Warrior points to the backstage.

The 13th Warrior: step up and face the rage of The Warrior.

The Warrior drops the mic on the floor and goes back in the locker room.
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The Warrior makes an impact
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