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 Rules for Chiamaira

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Rules for Chiamaira Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Chiamaira   Rules for Chiamaira EmptyTue Aug 04, 2009 10:38 pm

Rey enters the ring with a piece of paper and a security guard

Rey:I am here to declair some rules for Chiamair to follow

Rey drops the paper

Rey:First rule is no smooching with Dixie before or after the match, i will demontrate
rey smooches the security guard

Rey:second no biting ever, i will demonstrate

Rey bites the securiy guard in the arm

Rey:Third no cuting me with a knife, i will demonstrate

Security Guard:No youre not doing anything else to me.

Security guard runs away

Rey:Alright then Chimaira just the last rule dont pis youre pants

Rey leaves the ring with a smile on hes face
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Rules for Chiamaira
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