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 Tornado vs Robdabest

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PostSubject: Tornado vs Robdabest   Tornado vs Robdabest EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 5:46 pm

Rob and I have been discussing a possible feud between us recently and this is what i think should happen to kick it off.

Kashmir by Led Zeppelin Starts to play As A Man Walks out

Announcer 1: Who the Hell is this guy?!?

Announcer 2: I think hes someone newly signed - He is called Tornado or something..

Tornado Walks down the ramp to his music with a mixture of Boo's and Cheer's from the confused Crowd. Tornado slips through the ropes and picks up a Microphone

Tornado: Hi. I am Tornado, Some call me "The ShootingStar" but each are ok. I am here today to Introduce myself.

The Crowd Cheer

Tornado: Some of you might know me but if you dont take a look at this.

Tornado Points to the Titantron as it flickers to life with Highlights of Tornado's Matches and Moves

Tornado: Well this is basically to show you what moves i like to do, my Signature Tornadosault and my own move, The Tornado Star Splash.

Announcer 1: *Sigh* How "Origional" Is this guy?

Announcer 2: Oh Be quiet and let him finish (Announcer 1's Name).

Tornado: You fans may still be confused but i have this last thing to say: I WILL Be Your Next Champion!

Tornado Walks back up the Ramp and halfway up Another Men Makes his Entry. Tornado Stops where he is.

???: Wait, Wait, Wait a second. You? The Next Champion? I Think that the Next Champion will be ME, "The Nightmare" Robdabest not You!

Robdabest Sneers at Tornado

Robdabest: I mean Look at You. You Look like a Science Experiment gone Wrong. I. Am Pure Perfection.

Announcer 2: Harsh Words from Robdabest.

Announcer 1: Harsh? Its the Truth!

Tornado Walks Past Robdabest and spits on his shoe, Then he walks into the Backstage


Hope You Liked It.

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Tornado vs Robdabest
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