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 In need of help

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Factor of Libertas

Factor of Libertas

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PostSubject: In need of help   In need of help EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 2:14 pm

Ok, not many know me unless you've been in chat with kind of..out there sometimes I geuss?

But I am having a problem, I cant get a gimmick around for my wreslter. No gimmick means no RP and basically means me staying at the bottom of the roster foreverrr...or getting fired..

My wrestlers name is Factor of Libertas, Libertas being freedom/liberty in Latin (Factor of Liberty) I am looking for suggestions of a possible gimmick, Don't care if its face or heel or what..If anybody could help with one it would be greatly appreciated.

Once I get an actual gimmick for him I will start role playing...leading to problem #2, I CANT role play worth shit.

So if anybody could give me a few tips/pointers...would help alot.

My class is speed, so try not to give me those Big Fat guy gimmicks where I come out to the match and squish the other person pleasee? D: or the real...dark...Kane/Undertaker type of just doesnt fit the picture of my guy thats floating around in my head

Could have put this in other places I'm sure but...I've got enough problems as you can see.

So thanks if you can help, and if you say "stupid nub" and look past this..well...ok
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PostSubject: Re: In need of help   In need of help EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 6:43 pm

Ok, Here's a few ideas for you. Are you a masked wrestler? If you are, you can play up the triple A thing from Mexico. Where Mysterio and Psychosis and the other masked guys are from. In that case, you will be the loner for a bit till you get some friends to help you. Mostly they come in as faces and try and play it straight, which sounds more like what your asking for. If that is what your looking for, go the humble route in your interviews and stuff. There isn't much room for feuds this way, but once you get your feet wet in some fights, you can cultivate a feud for yourself from there.

As for your gimmick, try going the face route for starters since your the factor of freedom. Try helping out other guys in your level and getting your friends up. Play the freedom fighter thing and see how that works out.

About your RPing skills, if you want some help with that, just PM me in the game and we can work on getting you started. Just follow the format and the rest is just your imagination and how far you can take it.
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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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PostSubject: Re: In need of help   In need of help EmptyWed Aug 05, 2009 9:35 am

first of all ... welcome to the BWB

second, I agree with all of what Cykill says ...

your gimmick is something you gotta come with on your own, but I would play off your name ... Liberty ... the freedom fighter ... kinda like a one man Justice League ... your motto could be something along the lines of ...

"Be not afraid citizens ... for when there is injustice there shall also be me, Factor of Libertas, the defender of FREEDON and the enforcer of LIBERTY"

(I get a picture in my head of Adam West (Batman from the 1960's TV show ... he also does the voice over for "Catman" on the Nickelodeon Cartoon "Fairly Odd Parents") doing the voice over for this ... very campy ... but can be played out to perfection with a little practice)


for RP advice ... consult the following articles

WIKIHOW ... page 1

WIKIHOW ... page 2

Bright Hub ... has a nice article called the Do's and Don'ts of Role Playing

that should get you started on the right track ... if all else fails, go read some of the others posts here (actually read them , not just skim over them, to get a feel for how others do it)

another place you could try is the Federation page itself on TWG ... look at some of the other shows and see how they do things


just remember, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Just remember to start small and work up from there
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PostSubject: Re: In need of help   In need of help Empty

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In need of help
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