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 i am JC PUNK

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i am JC PUNK Empty
PostSubject: i am JC PUNK   i am JC PUNK EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 1:03 am

Musie play and a clip is shone on the titantron of a man.
Walking to the ring a man wearing an amazing jaket and jeans.
he enters the ring and ask for a mic.
the crouwd gives him a mix reaction.

jc:...i guess only some of you know me.

more of the crouwd start cheering.

jc: if you know ho i am than i want you to shout me name.

crouwd: JC PUNK!! JC PUNK!! JC PUNK!!

jc thats right i am jc punk and i am hear to claim BWB as my own.

as punk leavs the crouwd chears

punk sudenly stop, falls to his knees and open his arms wide as the pyro gose of behind him.
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i am JC PUNK
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