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 Grimmjow vs Bomber Blue RP

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Grimmjow vs Bomber Blue RP Empty
PostSubject: Grimmjow vs Bomber Blue RP   Grimmjow vs Bomber Blue RP EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 11:36 pm

*The lights go out and the whole arena is pitch black*

*A creature roar is heard, then thunder and the lights come back on*

*Grimmjow's music hits and the four corners in the ring explode with pyros blocking the view of what's happening inside the ring*

*Grimmjow appears in the middle of the ring with a panther's crown and a microphone on his hand*

Grimmjow: I will assure you all that tonight I will destory Bomber Blue and become an ultimate wrestler. I will win championships, beat the best of the best and to end it, Destroy other wrestler's car--

(Bomber Blue's entrance)

*Bomber Blue goes for an immediate strike at Grimmjow but the referee stops him*

(Then Match Starts)

Italic words means the action that is too happen. Skip my entrance but put Bomber Blue's entrance. Might be good looking
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Grimmjow vs Bomber Blue RP
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