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 A demand, and a humbling.

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A demand, and a humbling. Empty
PostSubject: A demand, and a humbling.   A demand, and a humbling. EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 5:00 am

Bret Stephens walks slowly down the halls backstage. Finally coming to a halt at a single door with the words "Shane Brady - VGM" on it. Bret then knocks briskly on the door and stops waiting for a reply. "It's open" comes the reply from inside. Bret then turns the handle and enters the room, slamming the door behind him. He stops infront of the desk and firmly places his hands on Shane's desk making a thud. Bret then bends closer to Shane with an irritated look on his face.

"What kind of management is this? You take your best new superstar and put him in a tag match with a lazy bufoon, against some of BWB's top talent? I demand I be treated better around here, or I am gone." Bret then stops walks a couple of steps away from the desk and begins to pace, he then returns to the desk with a new batch of commands. All the while Shane has been holding an amused expression.

Bret sits this time, in a chair placed in front of Shane's desk. In a clamer voice he begins. "Tonight, I want, no I demand, more respect. Put me in a singles match, or in tag team with a partner who is at least not a complete idiot."

Shane Brady stops smiling and exchanges his previous expression for one of a more serious variety. "Who the hell do you think, you are. You are not worthy of anything as you have not proven yourself to me. I should fire you right now, you arrogant little punk" Bret also changes his expression. But less serious, and more frightned. He then quickly regains composure and returns to his calm expression. "Ha! You? You don't have the balls to fire the superstar with the most raw talent, potential, and not to mention best looks, on the roster. You're bluffing, chump."

Shane Brady laughs, until tears fill his eyes and eventually begin to roll down his cheeks. "Did you not see what I did to Tank on his first night here. I fired him, and guess what, your next, you're fi-" Bret then jumps from his chair knocking it over in the process. "Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold on, maybe I came off a little strong. What I meant was that you should think about giving me a chance with someone other than The Wayne. We just don't mix well, can you please think of a way to fix my problem? No need to get so agressive and start firing. That wont solve anything."

Bret now has a desperate mug, nearly praying he is not fired, he waits for Shane's reply. Shane looks at him pitifully and says "Ok, that's better, I like your swag even though i would never stoop that low. Here's what I'm gunna do, I'm giving you a match against Chayne Saw here tonight! If you can't handle him that's your second strike, three strikes your out! If you win you will not have strikes accumulated again, am I clear?"

"Thank you, thank you. It wont happen again sir. I will make you proud." Bret then turns his back to the VGM and walks toward the door. He opens the door and quietly closes it behind him. When he is done vacating the room, he mutters under his breath "Douchebag." And begins to walk away.

"Second strike!"

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A demand, and a humbling.
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