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 The Panthera!

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The Panthera! Empty
PostSubject: The Panthera!   The Panthera! EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 10:18 pm

Real Name : ??????
Ring Name : Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
Height : 6'9
Weight : 257 lbs
Ring Gear : Long white leather pant
Appearance : A Jaw Bone of a Panther in his left cheek, with balanced muscles and six pack abs, has a tattoo in his back with the number 6
Gimmicks : Panthera, Sexta Espada
Theme Song(s) :
Papa Roach - Take me


*The lights are gone and the ring is covered with smoke*

*The lights come back on with the skeleton of a Panther*

*The lights go off for a second time and lighting strikes the middle of the ring*

*When the lights come back on, Grimmjow is standing there*

Stranger : HELP ME!! HELP ME!!

*The Stranger trips and falls to the ground*

*He slowly gets up and sees Grimmjow*

*Grimmjow takes him and throws him to a bundle of weapons*

*Grimmjow leaves him bleeding for mercy*
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The Panthera!
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