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 continued from hunchback's rp

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PostSubject: continued from hunchback's rp   continued from hunchback's rp EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 8:31 am

Midian holds his head and stares coldly at the new arrival, a man who dares to not only meddle in his affairs, but to lay hands upon him as well, a sneer crawls across Midian's face and the interviewer coughs and gasps on the floor.

Brave man, foolish boy. You have NO idea what kind of hell you have called down upon yourself! i have broken men for doing less than that to me, and you have the gall to think you can hurt me and get away with it?!?!

Midian steps forward faster than Hunchback was ready for and gets right in his face, kicking aside the gasping and wretching Interviewer. Midian Presses his forehead against Hunchback's. Neither man is willing to back down. It seems things are about to erupt when a polite voice speaks up.

Excuse me Gentlemen, Midian, I represent Mr. Sommerlund, and he would like me to inform you that you have been drafted to the Frontier. He hopes this pleases you and that you will please refrain from crippling the backstage talent. They are not cheap to replace.

Midian looks around at the man in a nice suit who hands Midian some paperwork and walks off. Midian shoves the papers into his pocket and looks back to Hunchback, the tension rises again and Midian smiles, lashing out and slapping Hunchback across the face hard enough to spin the man around, Hunchback holds his face but spins around, ready to defend himself, but Midian simply picks up his dropped cane, his sick smile beaming now.

I think you and I boy, need to settle this little spat in the ring. I challenge you to a match Hunchback. That should cure my boredom for all of three minutes. What do you say? Would YOU like to be my very first victim here in BWB? I can promise you, that it will be a night to remember, that is IF your able to recall the night or anything else ever again.

Midian looks down at the Interviewer who is cowering against the wall and sneers, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out about a grand in one hundred dollar bills and tosses them at the injured mans face.

Go clean yourself off, you disgust me you filthy insect.

Midian returns his attention to Hunchback as the man grabs up the cash and scrambles out of sight and Midian chuckles as he holds out his arms, awaiting Hunchbacks answer.
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PostSubject: Re: continued from hunchback's rp   continued from hunchback's rp EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 9:33 pm

Sorry, we had not enough time for Hunchback's response... Sad
So, I just made him say yes, walk away and slap you in the face. Then that will carry on the rivalry.
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PostSubject: Re: continued from hunchback's rp   continued from hunchback's rp EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 9:11 pm

"Damn, that punk thinks that being rich means being a good fighter..."
- Thinks Hunchback to himself while practicing some moves with a trainer.

"I'd love to wipe that ridiculous smile off his face, and i know that one day i will, but i feel that now it's not the time..."

*bounces off the ropes and connects with a beautifully executed Sliced Bread #3*

"... This guy is, however, more experienced than me... But old guys tend to slow down their development..."

*the trainer changes stances and attacks from the left with a russian leg sweep making Hunchback fall to the ground*
*Hunchback stands up, a bit irritated by his opponent and the thoughts of Midian's arrogance*

"... i am sure that pretty soon i will catch up and i will ... "

*dodges a right hook, grabs his opponents arm and counters with a falling elbow breaker*

"... BREAK HIM!"


*The trainer's arm gives out a painful crack and he starts rolling on the floor, screaming in pain*

"Aaw fuck! How the hell am i gonna explain this to the boss?"

Majka mu d'eba!!! - Says Hunchback in Bulgarian
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PostSubject: Re: continued from hunchback's rp   continued from hunchback's rp Empty

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continued from hunchback's rp
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