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 Law and Order

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Chayne Saw

Chayne Saw

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PostSubject: Law and Order   Law and Order EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 10:14 pm

--Camera shows a huge building in grey stones..
In black letters you can see "Supreme Court" above the entrance
... as the camera gets closer you can here the voice of 2 men talking to each other...
The first one wearing a jeans with sport shoes and a shirt nearly panted black with little red stripes across the chest...
The other one wearing a black suit and carrying a briefcase--

Lawyer: Like I told you Chayne. You never gonna get her without a job

--The Man in jeans seems a bit frustrated--

Chayne: I´m outta St. Quentin 16 monts now...I don´t even get a ticket for parking wrong..damn it.

--The Lawyer lays his hand on Chayne´s shoulder--

Lawyer: Believe me...get a job and everything will be fine and don´t be worried about.

Chayne: CATHIE!!!

Chayne runs up th steps again as he turned around--

Cathie: Daddy

A little girl with blonde curls spreads his arms and waits for Chayne on the top of the steps--

--as he arrives and takes her in his arms she begins to cry--

Cathie: Daddy I don´t want to go back to those people...I wann stay with you.

Chayne: Believe me darling I would like to, but daddy has to do something before you can come home with me...umm...see it as

Cathie:...umm..I will go to school even on saturdays daddy...I don´t want holiday...I want to go home...

--Chayne laughs as he dries her tears--

Chayne: You´re just like your mother honey...No go with the policeman..I will come soon to take you home

Cathie: Ok...I love you daddy

Chayne:...And you princess

--He turns around as she is going away holding the policeman´s hand-- what are you going to do.

--He pulls out his phone...and dials--

Chayne: Something I thought that I should never have to do.

Lawyer: What are you talking abou.......

--He interupts him by raising his finger--

Chayne: Yeah...this is Chayne Saw...please let the commsioner know that I accept his offer
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Law and Order
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