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 Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds 2009-07-04 (Draft)

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Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds 2009-07-04 (Draft) Empty
PostSubject: Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds 2009-07-04 (Draft)   Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds 2009-07-04 (Draft) EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 12:57 am

Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds

2009-07-04 14:30

Car Crash
Dark Match: Lumberjack VS. Sir Daniel Doolan
Parking Lot Interview
matyi V.S Chris The Crippler Benoit
Draft Pick #1
Factor of Libertas V.S The Wayne
Draft Pick #2
All Hail the Prince of Sin
First Apperance
The Dynamo vs Submission Killa (Forfeit Match)
S.K Congrats The Dynamo
Draft Pick #3
In The GM's Office...
BWB TV Title Tournament Finals
Draft Pick #4
Jungle Jim Arrives...
Jungle Jim V.S Midian
Draft Pick #5
In A Darkened Room
The Angel V.S Jack Silver
Draft Pick #6
Coming To The Ring...
Cykill V.S Madden
After Fight Retribution
Draft Pick #7
Big Spider Bear V.S Lumberjack
Draft Pick #8
Sommerlund vs MAN EATER
Draft Pick #9
Michael Jackson tribute
Tickets Request: 2.965
Tickets Sold: 2.965
Tickets Income: 29.650 fantaeuros
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Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds 2009-07-04 (Draft)
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