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 All hail the Prince of Sin...

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All hail the Prince of Sin... Empty
PostSubject: All hail the Prince of Sin...   All hail the Prince of Sin... EmptyFri Jul 03, 2009 6:44 am

The camera cuts to the arena parking lot as an interviewer watches a long black limousine pulls up, the camera pans around to the back as the driver of the expensive looking car gets out and runs to the back door and opens it.

I have no idea who this could be folks, but I will guess that it's yet another of BWB's newest talents, lets see who...oh my...

The interviewer goes quiet as a large man exits the car, sneering at the frightened driver and threatening to hit him with an ornate black cane shod in silver. The mans bright green eyes meet the interviewers and he smiles, but there is no warmth, no joy. Just a cold sense of cruel hatred as the man smooths out his expensive black suit and walks towards the interviewer, his cane making a rhythmic tapping sound.

uh...Hello sir, may I trouble you to...uh...introduce yourself to the BWB fans?

The man chuckles to himself

Sure, why not worm? I am Midian. and I am here to have myself some fun. Does THAT satisfy your curiosity?

Er, yeah, that works. What do you think of the draft Midian? Do you have a preference as to which show you work with? Any one in particular you would like to face?

Midian sighs as if he were dealing with a child.

I could not care less about which show picks me up, nor do I care what pathetic wastes of flesh are put in front of me. Everyone is a victim as far as I am concerned little worm, No mercy, no forgiveness, no salvation. THAT is what I am. THAT is what I do. I am here simply to cause others pain, whoever picks me, picks up a double edged sword that cuts deep, whomever is foolish enough to face me in the ring, well, they'll be picking a fight they have no hope of winning.

Midian shoves the interviewer out of his way and makes his way into the arena, a cold smirk etched into his face. The interviewer stares into the camera and wipes sweat from his brow.

BWB, I really hope your ready for this guy, Because he seems ready for you.
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All hail the Prince of Sin...
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